Find Your True North

Zoe Lind van’t Hof


Zoe learned about health and nutrition from her late mother, who had been in the health food industry for over 40 years. This knowledge and motivation has led her to start up her own business. Having travelled with her mother to Sri Lanka to experience and learn more about Ayurveda, Zoe learned about turmeric and its benefits. The following year she went back to Sri Lanka to establish a partnership with the suppliers of our most crucial ingredient, Turmeric, and begin her journey to starting WUNDER WORKSHOP
While caring for her bed-bound mother, who was suffering from terminal cancer, she started importing cannabis oil from a lab in the Netherlands. Miraculously, the oil cured her mother of her illness-related pain, and she even managed to walk again. Zoe was so “impressed and fascinated” by the drug that, after her mother died, she began to research and test it in a laboratory which led to the creation of Wunder Workshop’s highly acclaimed Turmeric CBD Oil.