Find Your True North

Ximena Gutiérrez Freixanet


Ximena is a Mexican cook, entrepreneur and beekeeper Her message to the world is to be in contact with their roots and selflove.

Self-taught since she was a kid, Ximena inherited the love of cooking from her mother; from her grandma, respect for the Earth, food and traditions.

She holds a degree in Restaurant Administration and Culinary Arts at Valle de México University.

In 2011, she decided to consolidate all her knowledge in Peuali, an enterprise dedicated to develop and commercialize a line of vegetarian products, that are kind with the body and the planet, these products offer the artisanal and gourmet touch that people look for nowadays.

Innovation and balance between traditions, ancestral wisdom and taste with a modern focus. These are Ximena’s values, she is a woman that is grateful about sharing her passion with her people.