Find Your True North



Ná Áak & Av Aac

Ná Áak Paola Ambrosi and Av Aac Antonio Sánchez Muñiz have created a form of learning and disciplines, based on the ability to open the understanding beyond the personal, to discover inner strength of wisdom and healing that brings balance to all systems.

Promoting independence and individuality of each human being, these disciplines help us find sovereignty of body, mind and spirit. It is when individuals reach the state of freedom, that the level of common welfare grows and blends in society.

Ná Áak and Av Aac have studied various disciplines and sciences along their spiritual path, that led to converge in maps that give us a broad contextualization to understand life and live with excellence.

Founders of Transpersonal, Sovereignty of Being, is a vision of life where we understand ourselves as part of a whole, a single universe from which emerge infinite manifestations of consciousness.