Toño Sánchez



Antonio Sánchez Muñiz Av Aac is a Therapist, Healer and Instructor. From an early age he focused on his growth and began his studies in different disciplines that today make him an Architect in Healing, as well as his vocation is design, projects and execution, so he has applied it to build his path as a healer.

In the last 10 years of his life, he has dedicated himself to studying, knowing and self-applying various tools of healing, breathing, and meditation that have led him to share his experience through health, peace, harmony and balance.

He is the creator of several workshops and a certified instructor of courses in various techniques. He has shared his experiences with hundreds of people through courses, talks and experiential workshops in recent years.

Founder of ThetaHealing® Mexico and representative of the technique in Latin America until 2015. Student and facilitator of Inner Wisdom and Medicine Path. He has explored, and is a practitioner, of different applications of shamanism. He has a Master’s Degree in Reiki, has studied and practiced Semiology of Everyday Life, Pranic Healing among other disciplines.

 Today he has the opportunity to merge his profession of Architect with his vocation as a Healer where, through his intuitive creativity, he is dedicated to building, advising, developing, promoting, promoting and spreading the individual and collective conscience from the creative energy of unconditional love. The purpose of Av Aac is to help raise awareness through compassion and the different processes that occur in people, where the body is a vehicle for learning and evolution.

 For Av Aac achieving balance is important as well as, unlocking the energetic-emotional-afflictive content. Healing is experienced when there is understanding about what happens to us in the here and now. The result of this process is a progressive opening of the heart to unconditional love and an inevitable expansion of consciousness, which will transform our relationships and our environment, and therefore, our world.

Its high sensitivity allows it to offer different healing alternatives, to be a facilitator that offers well-being through the accompaniment given by sharing its experience