Tom Middleton


Tom Middleton is a pioneering polymath of electronic music, Sound Architect, DJ, Psychoacoustics researcher, Sleep Science Coach and Speaker. Combining all his passions he now creates meaningful and empowering audiosensory content to address fundamental human problems such as sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety and pain management. As a Sound Architect, informed by crossmodal scientific research he creates psychoacoustic soundscapes to transform human multisensory experiences across multiple industries, improving mental and physical health, elevating mood, increasing resilience and retention, boosting energy, productivity and performance. Recent clients include Lululemon and Calm.

The Breath Guy and HarmOnyx, the pioneering psychoacoustic sound immersion and healing duo of Tracie Storey & myself, have the great pleasure of closing #Wanderlust108 on the 27th of July with our new act – SOULSONYX.