The Mast


Brooklyn-based, electronic duo The Mast merge live electronics, vocals, percussion, found sounds, and various acoustic instruments such as the balafon and clay drums, creating a full-spectrum sonic experience that booms through the subwoofers and propels the body to dance, “futuristic electro-pop inspired by early IDM and experimental beat music – James Blake on mescaline.“ (The Village Voice)

The Mast, beatsmith and producer Matt Kilmer and vocalist Haleh Gafori, has performed alongside acts such as East India Youth, Reggie Watts, Teebs, Blonde Redhead, and Foster the People, “coming out of the woodwork at every occasion to dazzle audiences with their… boundless energy…and downright inventive take on indie experimentalism” (Best New Bands). At a recent show in Brooklyn, they “instantly magnetized people to the stage…the venue was completely packed with blissed-out dance enthusiasts thoroughly hypnotized by the primal beats and astral sound effects.”  (CMJ)

To date The Mast has released various singles, their 2015 EP “1,” and their full-length album “Pleasure Island” which was called “a brooding masterpiece of a record…clearly on the forefront” (NBC). The album featured the acclaimed track “UpUpUp” which “casts a beguiling spell with its ominous synthesized growl curling like dry ice underneath” (Pitchfork).

The duo also enjoys creating the visual element of The Mast, having directed and edited their videos including “UpUpUp” which was featured on Pitchfork, screened at Bumbershoot, and has reached almost half a million views on YouTube, the whimsical “So Right,” which premiered on Interview Magazine, the afterlife dreamscape “Luxor,” and “Nuclear Dragon.”

Outside of playing in The Mast, the duo is involved in a number of musical projects. Matt Kilmer has been the head composer for Louis CK Emmy-nominated show “Louis” on FX for 5 seasons. Haleh is working on a commission for a musical theater piece and writes for her acoustic act Sabila Sabila. Together they have toured, across the country and in Europe in various projects, playing such venues as the David Byrne curated series at Carnegie Hall, the Bonnaroo Festival, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.