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His and Hers


Since childhood, both Tanja and Freddy were avid fans of many genres of music. When they crossed paths in the early nineties, they shared their love for music with one another, and it has been an important element in their relationship to this day.
In the mid nineties they discovered the underground electronic music scene. They started playing together at parties for their friends. Shortly after they learned how to mix songs, and have been deejaying individually ever since. They were cofounders of Elements, a company that imported vinyl records for djs. They have deejayed all over Mexico at nightclubs, parties, and special events. They were part of the group of pioneers of the local underground scene in Valle de Bravo, Mexico where they spend much of their time.

Tanja and Freddy both agree that the purpose of playing a set is to share music they love with their audience. Their goal is to have their audience listen to new sounds, open their mind, dance, and have an unforgettable experience.
Playing a set from beginning to end is a meditation to connect with the present moment. It is essential to empty expectations, and flow with the sounds of the music to see where they guide us.

Recently they joined forces again, and started the project, “His & Hers”. They are playing together back to back, and combining their styles. It is a balance of the masculine and the feminine, and a fun game of back and forth to surprise each other with new sounds, so they can take an unplanned adventure into sound.