Find Your True North

Tahl Rinsky


As a committed practitioner, teacher, portrait photographer and mother to 3 beautiful young children, Tahl Rinsky lives and breathes the teachings of yoga throughout every aspect of her life. Born in NYC and raised in Israel, Tahl now calls the beaches of Byron Bay Australia her home where she co-owns and teaches at the successful Farm Yoga studio. She was recently featured on the cover of Yoga Journal and continues to share her journey into yoga, life and art through her popular Instagram profile @trinskyyoga

Officially introduced to Ashtanga as a child by her Mom, Tahl established her own practice upon returning to New York in her late teens. While visiting her brother in Australia 12 years ago Tahl met her life partner and started practicing at the Melbourne Ashtanga Yoga Centre where she subsequently met her primary teacher Dena Kinsberg. In 2012, pregnant with her 3rd child, she completed teacher training with Dena (2000 hours) at the Byron Shala and more recently has completed Level 1 Teacher Training in Vinyasa (RYT 200 hours) at Essence of Living International Academy.

As a teacher, Tahl shares a creative and accessible blend of Vinyasa and Ashtanga in a strong, fun and dynamic style. Her classes, like her photographic work, celebrate the raw beauty of life’s moments and the individual strengths each of us carry within. As a portrait photographer, Tahl explores the connection between stillness an movement, purity and imperfection, and for this reason especially loves to capture the human body in classic asana practice. Mostly self-taught Tahl photographs real life reflections of yogis and yoginis taking their practice off the mat and out into the world.