Find Your True North

Swami Govindananda


Swami Govindananda (Swamiji) visits yoga centres and conferences around the world to
present programs especially tailored for yoga students. He illuminates the wisdom that
lies at the heart of yoga and gives inspirational insights into the significance of human life.
His program includes beautiful Kirtan meditation.
Swamiji teaches primarily in the South Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand,
the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. He is the CEO of the Bhakti Meditation
Centre Limited, established in Australia and recognised by the Australian government as
a non-profit educational, spiritual and charitable organization.
Swamiji is a remarkably gifted teacher. He is widely known for his depth of knowledge, his
gentle, humorous nature and his ability to inspire in others the quest for genuine spiritual
living. Through live presentations and his Steps to Self Understanding online video series
at, Swamiji has touched the heart of many thousands of people.
He embodies positive spirituality and through example shows how we can all live joyous
lives while at the same time moving towards our fullest individual potential.
Swamiji is a modern Holy man for today’s times; a bright light for one and all. Though a
westerner (he lives in Adelaide, Australia), Swamiji has spent many years in India learning
personally from one of the country’s historically accepted great Masters. He was taught
philosophy and meditation at the deepest levels and after years of intensive training was
accepted into the Swami order in 1987. He specializes on teaching the essence of the
great Indian writings known as the Vedas, Gita, Bhagawatam and Ramayana. He focuses
on the philosophies of Karma, Gyan and Bhakti Yoga, the way of action, knowledge and
With this unique blend of cultures, Swamiji brings extraordinary clarity to the complex and
timeless philosophies of India, making this knowledge easy to understand in a way that is
rarely seen in the West.
Swamiji is a classic example of “Why haven’t I seen him or heard this before?