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Vert Prana has been offering Hula Hoop classes all year-round for 7 years and is pleased to send you their best teachers to help you discover this oh-so-fun activity. Nathalie Veilleux founded Vert Prana in 2009 and has been managing the Hula Hoop part of it since then. She has appeared in numerous local magazines and TV Shows and has released her Hooping for Beginners DVD this year. She also built the Hoop Teacher Training Program and offers it every other year. She is appreciated for her sense of humour, the clarity of her instructions and her generosity towards her students. Dominique Tapin has been teaching the Hoop Fitness classes at Vert Prana since Spring 2016 and has been appreciated for her well balanced classes playing with both muscular and cardiovascular training along with her contagious enthusiasm. She’ll make you sweat allright !