Find Your True North

Steve Fazzari


For over the past decade Steve has called the Coastal Mountains of the Pacific Northwest his home, basing most of his free time in Whistler and the surrounding area; this area has become an extensive playground for exploration, always shifting and changing according the current conditions. His major passions merge in these mountains; the mindfulness and meditative quality that is cultivated when being absorbed in the expanse of the nature in his backyard have helped allow him to connect deeper into his true nature. Being more connected to ourselves helps us be more connected to the world around us; likewise, connecting to the world and the nature surrounding us helps us re-tune and re-align with our inner truth. There are is always part of your journey that can be shifted by connecting to the present moment and surroundings; use that presence to gain clarity in how you choose to place your intentions, the work you do, your creative freedom, and how you express yourself through all of that.

Steve loves to share his passions with interested individuals, and as such is an engaging person who is open and willing to offer his unique worldview and experiences in some way that can contribute to the benefit of the world around him. Come along for the ride, see how the locals use immersive experiences in these beautiful surroundings to reconnect and recharge with their inner vitality.