Sonja Montague Mackay – Wild Orange


Sonja is the founder of Wild Orange, a leadership and wellbeing business bridging the gap between productivity and wellbeing.   She is on a mission to bring emotional literacy and kindness into the business world by supporting leaders to understand how their people feel, reduce burnout and enhance wellbeing. 

After a diagnosis with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sonja did a deep dive into wellbeing and realized how unsustainable her life was.   Since then, she has trained around the world with leading breathwork, yoga nidra and meditation teachers. Sonja uses photography as a medium to access mindfulness, becoming less attached to our devices and slowing it all down.

A straight-talking Scot, Sonja splits her time between Australia and the UK.  She is passionate about sharing her learnings from recovering from CFS and a proactive advocate of women’s wellbeing, in particular navigating peri-menopause to help people flourish and live well.