Find Your True North

Sonia de Luna


“Dance is a primal form of connection and communication to oneself, each other and the universe. We are all dancers.” – Sonia De Luna

Sonia De Luna is a fitness and dance facilitator as well as a performing artist. She attained her bachelor’s degree in theatre from Florida International University. While doing so she studied various dance disciplines such as Latin, Afro caribbean, and modern dance. Originating from Miami Florida, Sonia was heavily involved with the latin dance fitness program Zumba when it first launched in Miami well over decade ago. She has taught students from preschool age to senior citizens, and all levels therein.

With over 15 years teaching experience Sonia has ability to fully engage and encourage even shyest and most reluctant student. She has explored the emotional and physical benefits of free flow dance as well as choreographed dance/ fitness/ and movement.

The foundation of any of her dance/movement classes is the unshakable notion that dance is for everyone. “We are all natural born movers, we need only tap into our kinesthetic awareness, and become connected with our bodies in order to move rhythmically and with expressive intent in conjunction with music”
Guided by instinctual and natural movement Sonia, focuses on emotional connection that occurs while dancing. She encourages her students to get out of their head and into their bodies freely.

Currently residing in New York City, Sonia continues to explore and push the parameters of dance and movement as a form of moving meditation. One that encompasses both music and movement as avenues to connect, heal, and express human condition.