Sky Kubby


Sky Kubby, author of The Raw Chocolate Diet, started his company, Medicinal Foods, with the intention of feeding people’s potential with what he calls, The Ancient Future of Food.

Sky has relied on indigenous wisdom and formulated a line of cutting-edge health and wellness products. He believes cleansing needs to be fun if it’s to be embraced by the average person desiring a healthier life. Using his nutrient-dense Superfood Raw Chocolate to open the door to the heart, Sky offers offers Healthy Living Tips, Cleansing Protocols and Recipes through his book, the Raw Chocolate Diet.

Having double pneumonia at 6-month olds, and experienced chronic health issues throughout his life, Sky overcame asthma, Candida and lung infections when he turned to healing plants during his quest for health. Sky now shares how we can deepen our relationship to these magical plants, as Medicinal Foods.

Sky has trained with some of the worlds top athletes on the US Ski Team and ski raced for CU Boulder in college while creating his self structured major, Global Environmental Education. In Colorado he studied with Dr. John Douillard on Ayurvedic health and continues to research and learn from his colleagues such as David Wolf and Ken Rohla. Listen to his podcasts with both of these health and wellness aficionados .

Having been born at home into a pioneering summer camp his parents ran, called “Earth Camp One” featured in Newsweek as a leading center of the time for backpacking, the arts and organic gardening, Sky learned early on the importance of living close to the Earth. He now embraces radiant health and lives with his wife and daughter on his solar-powered tropical fruit tree farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. Together they offer Cacao Ceremonies and participate in the WWOOFing program, helping interns learn to live closer to the Earth.