Find Your True North

Sirkka Aho


Sirkka was born in Alaska, raised in Hawaii and has been a massage therapist, in Hawaii, for 18 years. Through her experience as a body worker she developed a deep appreciation of the mind/body/soul connection. This shines through in her distinctive style of performing and teaching hoopdance.

She, also, has extensive training in traditional West African percussion, with her specialty being djembe. She has formal training in singing, television/stage acting, a background in musical theater, but finds dance her true calling. A spirited performer who has engaged audiences in Hawaii, Alaska and throughout the west coast. Sirkka performs with standard, LED, and fire hoops. She appeared in the HoopDance video remake of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which won video of the year at the 2011 Hoopies.

To further expand her skill set and craft she has co-organized and taught, at large hoop gatherings, other dancers and circus art performers from all over the world.

She also loves to work with children and young adults, teaching them through HoopDance that they are capable individuals while exploring their own unique dance styles.

Sirkka has spun herself across the stage and into the hearts and audiences, everywhere.
No matter what the venue or size of audience, she enjoys them all.