Find Your True North

Sinah Diepold


Yoga is a wonderful compass for a balanced life with yourself, your fellow humans and the environment. For Sinah her love for yoga came unexpectedly and without warning and has been  her philosophie in every aspect of life since. Sinah’s yoga style is liquid and fluent due to her dance background and follows the waves of your breath. It invites you to follow your intuition and awaken the intelligence of the body.

Sinah has been teaching passionatley since 15 years old and guides you through every powerful flow with positive energy and a smile on her face. While studying „Scientific principles of sports“ she decided to make her dream of a professional dance education come true. She finished her BSc at the TU München and contemporary dance education at Iwanson International before she left for New York to complete an internship in dance medicine and practice yoga and dance in various studios.
In 2015 a broken heart lead her to Bali für her first YTT where her love for yoga was ignited.
Since then Sinah passes that love on in a free, accesable and joyful way which challenges body and mind to rethink familiar habits and guides you to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

In the end of 2018 Sinah opened her own BodyMindTherpay Studio „Kale&Cake“ with her partner Sophia Thora for yoga, yoga therapy, ballet barre, functional training and coaching in the heart of Munich.


course language: German