Find Your True North

Sherry McConkey


Sherry left her home in South Africa at 21 to travel the world, after 3 ½ years of traveling to beautiful places, she stumbled upon Tahoe. Two decades later she calls Tahoe her home, she is the founder and director of the Shane McConkey Foundation, a property manager, and she raises her Daughter Ayla. After beating herself up on the beautiful Tahoe mountains, Sherry knew she needed to heal her body so she dove into yoga. It changed her life in so many ways: not only helping her body, but helping her through some of the hardest times of her life. Sherry has been dedicated to yoga for 10 years, teaching for 6 years and has over 700 hours of yoga training. She teaches “Yoga for Athletes” focusing on breath, alignment, flexibility and strengthening the whole body allowing you to do you what you love. Sherry likes to make yoga fun, and finds it is the most rewarding job. She loves to see how great people feel after doing yoga, to watch their minds, body and sports transform. It is Sherry’s goal to help people find yoga not only for their physical bodies but because it’s a perfect way to give back to ourselves so we can continue to play and appreciate our beautiful world for the rest of our lives.