Find Your True North

Sarah Wilder


Sarah Wilder is a free-spirited creative multi-passionate Soulpreneur and mama – Boss Goddess & visionary of her online sacred space – The Fifth Element Life.

Sarah combines her love of nature, creativity and spirituality into everything she creates.

Wise beyond her years, Sarah intuitively creates conscious products, programs, workshops and services to help kindred sisters wander the path of their spirit.

Known for her ever-popular Mandala ring range, she has organically grown a cult following for her brand across the globe – helping to unite like-minded women in body, mind and spirit.

Ever-evolving, Sarah loves to bring her love of nature, mandalas and sacred geometry into all she touches – bringing her magick to any space through her art, workshops, jewellery and lifestyle products.

A guide and vessel for self empowerment, Sarah loves working with people to bring out their authentic, creative and mystical soul within. She teaches others to live a life full of meaning, and to listen to nature to find our truth.