Find Your True North

Sarah Martin


lululemon logoYoga has played a consistent role in my life for the past 10 years. After a few years of practicing, I realized how it had helped slow down my mind so that I could focus on what I was doing- especially in my school studies. The practice became a strong compliment to my spiritual life in a way that brought physicality to the practice of my spiritual growth.
After several years of ‘wanting’ to meditate, I finally found the discipline to sit and commit to the practice. It has helped me, frustrated me, bored me, and invigorated me. It feels great to move beyond intellectually understanding the benefits of meditation, into experiencing the benefits.
I teach with an underlying message of connectivity. As we come to recognize our lives are not composed of little, unrelated moments but rather a tapestry of connection- we can step in the direction of taking radical accountability and empowering ourselves to live the type of lives we want to live.