Find Your True North

Sarah Lei


Sarah is a passionate trail runner and yoga teacher whose main focus is sharing yoga with people who love getting out there, being active and doing what they enjoy.

Sarah began practicing yoga in 2006 when she was pregnant with her oldest son.  Having studied Engineering at the University of Canterbury, her “scientific mind” became more and more interested in understanding “how yoga worked” and especially the relaxation and meditation elements.  She went on to do her yoga teacher training to increase her knowledge and understanding of yoga and soon found herself sharing her enthusiasm for yoga with other runners, through teaching regular yoga classes.

She has been running since she lived in the UK where she ran the London Marathon in 2001.  She moved back to New Zealand in 2004, and since then has run two ultra-marathons, five more marathons, lots of half marathons, 10kms, 5kms and various off-road races (as well as having 3 children).

These days her main focus is on trail running, around the half marathon distance and she also enjoy mountain biking and Adventure Racing. She is lucky enough to be based in Rotorua (one hour from Taupo), so she gets to train on the beautiful forest trails in the area.  She has three boys (currently ”tweens”) who have plenty of energy to burn so  she likes to stay active to keep up with them.

Sarah would love to show you around some of the beautiful trails in the Taupo area.