Find Your True North

Sally Mitchell


Sally is a Certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking instructor and loves trail running in stunning locations all over the world, particularly in the mountains or by the ocean!

As a competitive runner and triathlete while living in NYC, Sally experienced numerous running injuries which often meant pulling out of races or taking time off from running. Shortly after learning ChiRunning in 2005, Sally ran her first marathon and qualified for Boston marathon with a time of 3:30, completely pain free. She went on to winning her age group in multiple sprint and olympic distance triathlons and qualifying for the 70.3 Triathlon World Championships and the ITU Triathlon World Championships. Inspired to help others find their natural running flow and run pain free as well, Sally left the technology corporate world in 2009 and became a full-time ChiRunning instructor, Yoga Teacher and Therapeutic and Sports Massage Therapist, pursuing her passion of sharing her knowledge and experience of what had helped her to heal her own body, improve her running and health and find greater balance in her life.

Now living in Sonoma, California, Sally leads weekend yoga, hiking or running and wine tasting retreats around California, as well as yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Mexico and Hawaii. She is passionate about creating a community of like-minded, conscious and mindful yogis and athletes, looking to create more balance and vitality in their lives, whilst having fun. Sally’s philosophy, that she seeks to apply to many aspects of her life, is ‘Move, Breathe, Balance, Flow’. Join Sally and learn how to find your natural Chi flow, physically, mentally and spiritually. You can read more about Sally on her website at