Find Your True North

Rox Castaños


Roxana Castaños´ spiritual apprenticeship started at 14 years old, it has been 21 years, and her training has been constant. She has taken part of several Tolteca influenced rituals, and participated on different temazcales in ceremonial centers.

Has been part of Vipassana workshops, attended by the indian master from Burma S.N. Goenka, at Dhamma Makaranda. These are silent workshops, from 5 to 10 days, with 12 hours of meditation a day.

Has participated in different personal transformation courses, focused on several matters so as: consciousness awareness, addictions, meditation, yoga, brain function, prio leadership (be your own leader), communication with angels, feng shui, coaching, “energy and science”, “The fourth way”, liberation of fears, forgiveness, vibrational changes, “The art of Love”, The 5th agreement”, “The art of living free”, neurolinguistics, feet cleanliness (direct contact with humbleness, love, and elses souls) and “The secret”, quantic physics, kabbalah, among others.

In 2008, 2009 and 2010, she studied, experienced and participated as part of the team in internships of the Toltec philosophy, attending with masters as Andres Portillo, Maribi de Teresa y Liliana Martinez, who are disciples of Miguel Ruiz.



  • 9 years teaching the following meditation workshops:
  • Dinamic Consciousness 1 and 2, the power of meditation, let go of the past, CWH Connect with your Heart, Vipassana- group meditation with lessons, miracle courses with meditation, Mind fullness for everyday life.
  • She gives lessons and courses to firms such as MPG, Sport City Executive, Flock, MOB.
  • Radio: Health chronicles with Ethel Soriano, Radio Genio, Como Sabes
  • Has written articles for magazines so as: Quien, Glamour, Saludable, As Deporte, Revista Actual y Contenido.
  • Conferences: Mundo Rosa (Pink World), Women´s Weekend and in several hospitals and events.
  • Participated in TEDx- EUREKA/ 3 bichos mente, cuerpo y alma (3 bugs in your mind, body and soul)
  • Partner and responsible for the content of the app OM-MEDITATION
  • She is writing a book about Personal Power together with Angie Taddey and Olivia Peralta.