Find Your True North

Ray Good


In the early 90s, Ray (aka Sugar Ray) was one of the world’s Top 100 DJs, spinning the decks at sold-out raves in London, Tokyo and Berlin, organising large-scale music events for up to 15,000 people. He owned one of Australia’s most respected import record stores, even started his own record label. Not bad for a 25 year-old. Things were good, but they weren’t always easy. See life as one of the world’s top DJs doesn’t leave much time for inner tranquillity, vegetables, or getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Ray was burning out. Eventually, someone said, “You should try meditation”. That was 27 years ago, and Ray has been meditating every day since.

That daily practice gave Ray something you don’t get from money and success; he found contentment and the calm and balance that was missing in his life, the pause button that allowed him to reset, refocus and recharge.

Later as a founder and entrepreneur, his practice was essential to help him manage the stresses & challenges of building businesses. These days Ray devotes his time to teaching others this transformative practice and life skill, helping them find their Good Place.

“Think about it. The best guy to teach silence is the one who understands noise”

As the founder of The Good Place, Ray teaches mindfulness, resilience and Emotional Intelligence grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology to help individuals and teams fight stress, think better and perform at their peak.