Find Your True North

Rachel Priest


Rachel is a free spirited dreamer and creator. After growing up and living in the Deep South, Rachel now resides in sunny Los Angeles, soaking up as much sand and sun as possible. Rachel can be easily picked out in a room as the tan skinned woman with freckles on her face, feathers in her hair and a huge smile.

Rachel has a love for anything that builds intensity and strength, especially when that activity is out doors. After being an avid rock-climber for years, Rachel began the practice of yoga as a way to cross-train her body. What she didn’t expect was the great healing that yoga provided both physically and emotionally from her life-long struggle from disordered eating. Through this awakening, Rachel is publicly sharing her story of recovery and yoga to try and bridge the gap between those still struggling and desiring to find holistic healing in life. Yoga has become a self-expression of love, creativity and pillar of physical and emotional strength for Rachel. Rachel completed her 200 hr RYT in Charleston, SC in 2013 at the Holy Cow Yoga Center and has been teaching and avidly practicing ever since.

Rachel began practicing SUP yoga in 2013 and became a certified SUP Yoga instructor in 2015 through YOGAqua. SUP Yoga is a combination of all her great loves; yoga, the outdoors, surfing and the water, and a mental and physical challenge. The peace and serenity that is obtained while on the water has the great ability to heal the body, heart, and soul. Rachel guides a very strength building and physically challenging class but the healing ability of the ocean is the perfect counter-balance to her SUP yoga classes. Come practice and play with Rachel to have a enriching experience in nature while reconnecting to your inner-self by building strength and love for yourself, those around you, and the great mother earth!