Find Your True North

Rachael Kable


Rachael Kable has a Graduate Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation, a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Certificate in Coaching and Counselling. She enjoys sharing her mindfulness journey and inspiring others to join her in living more mindfully through her podcast, online workshops and The Mindful Kind video blog.

Within a month, The Mindful Kind podcast had reached number 7 in the Australian iTunes charts and number 31 in the British iTunes charts, while receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. In December 2018, The Mindful Kind reached 3 million downloads and continues to reach new people around the world.

Rachael received the Bupa Wellbeing Award in the 2017 Bupa Blog Awards.

You can connect with Rachael on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and visit her website at

Her book The Mindful Kind is published by ABC Books and is now available at all good bookstores and online.