Find Your True North

Paola Ambrosi


Ná Áak is a Mexican mystic woman dedicated to indigenous practice and teaching as a spiritual path, having collected the knowledge and experience of diverse indigenous traditions of Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Europe

For Ná Áak, the purpose of human existence is understood in the practice of compassion, to find the way to liberation from the suffering of afflictive states of consciousness.

She is the author of the book “Awakening Consciousness Beyond 2012”, where she captures a far-reaching vision of the human condition and the path that leads to freedom and inner peace. published by recognized academic institutions in Europe various articles and research papers.His latest publication is “What is Reality?” in collaboration with Ervin Laszlo and international leaders in consciousness.In conjunction with this group drives the manifesto “Beyond Fear and Rage” as an activist campaign in the current socio-political environment.

With more than 15 years of experience in the area of psychiatry in Europe and Latin America, she has facilitated training for psychiatrists and specialists in mental illness. Ná Áak trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist and was certified in the Grof Transpersonal Training GTT with Dr. Stanislav Grof, who after Carl Jung is the most recognized psychiatrist in that field.

She has the opportunity to work with Stanislav Grof and Ervin Lazslo with various groups in the development of the updating of maps of the human being and social applications, both in education and in other philosophies.

She has received different recognitions among them the distinction as one of the Seven Authorities in Vanguard of Conscience. She served as director of the European Transpersonal Association, becoming involved in centers focused on child abuse, psychiatric prisons, trauma among other specialties.

She studied Western medicine, quantum science and psychology. She delved into oriental disciplines and philosophies such as Taoism, Chinese medicine, Tibetan Buddhism and Kriya yoga. The depth and strength of his shamanic work and healing has been influenced mostly by the Mayan, Celtic and Tibetan cultures.

With the same strength that she believes in peace and active compassion, she tells us about the potential that resides within our own heart. The human exercise being a process of awakening and remembering the true reality. In this process the search for a discipline of prayer and contemplation will be what will lead the human race to become a harmonious society, “as long as human beings have no interest in loving themselves, how can they then love their planet?” .

For Ná Áak there is no separation between work and life, the way of the Spirit is a way of living not a belief and work is simply an extension of that way of life.

Her wisdom confers great simplicity and focuses on the liberation found in the excellence of ordinary life. He firmly believes that humanity must awaken towards a life in harmony, for which we need the wisdom of our ancestors and mystics as well as modern rational and technological development. Urging us to embrace all aspects of reality, invites us to live a life of consciousness where our decisions are informed by all aspects of life and not only by unique and elitist views.

Ná Áak is her spiritual name, a Mayan name that translates as “Mama Tortuga”. This name was given as a symbol of the strength, permanence and wisdom of his presence as well as his teachings. For the people who have worked close to her there is no doubt that Ná Áak brings each of these qualities and those to whom her healing has been extended understand the meaning of collecting their lives with their hearts.

Their faith and commitment are unwavering and their presence is a gift to the world, a true spirit of light, love and life