Find Your True North

nōmad yoga


Giovanna and Dafne teach classes in different styles of yoga. Among them air yoga or airyoga; in your classes you will find balance, rooting and fluidity on the one hand and on the other hand you will experience the game of flying, relaxing and letting go.

Both believe that each place, each object, each living being has a soul and that the practice is a journey from one soul to another soul and that is why they started a project called nōmad yoga three years ago with which they seek: to balance physical work and spiritual to approach our consciousness and allow us a connection with the inside and outside.

Using creativity, breathing and conscious movement we can have full attention in our being and access our essence and thus connect with the love and light that unites us with ourselves, with the All. “Lets wander from soul to soul and merge into one”. Namaste