Find Your True North

Nolita Ananda


Nolita Ananda lives between Whistler, BC and Koh Phangan, Thailand and her love affair with music and movement has been with her all her life. As a child she loved to dance and lip-sync to Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Growing up she was involved in jazz, modern dance, tap dance and figure skating, yet it all took a new turn ten years ago when her niece bought her a hula-hoop for her birthday. The gift indeed sparked the birth of a new passion.

Fiery and fearless, Nolita traveled to Thailand for the first time in 2007 with her hoop strapped to her backpack. There she continued her journey into hoopdance while spending her days hooping on the beach and spending her nights hula-hoop fire-spinning at the jungle parties. Recognizing her passion and natural talents, she was quickly spotted by members of SPARK! Circus and was asked to join them.

SPARK! is a group of spectacular international volunteer circus performers who come together to bring joy to groups of disadvantaged children in refugee camps, migrant schools, hospitals and orphanages along the Thai Burmese border. As any Sagittarian Fire Dragon would do, two days later she had “run away with the circus!”

Nolita has taught and performed fire and LED hoopdance in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Australia and Canada.
Also an avid yogi and Mystical Dance teacher, she is passionate about using the hoop as a form of meditation and helps others use it as a tool to connect body with consciousness.