Nikol Kollars


Actress, Singer and Presenter, Nikol Kollars arrived in Barcelona in 2001 from Seatlle, Washington, USA. She has been leading events for important multinational companies for more than 12 years. One outstanding event was her performance for Oprah Winfrey and her 2000 employers at Poble Espanyol. The American artist, born in California, has a mix of Hawaiian, Chinese, German and Irish blood, which gives her a fascinating and especially welcoming air. Her years of experience introducing and singing to large groups of people, from all over the world, have provided her with an exceptional ability to captivate audiences both on and off stage. Apart from being a multifaceted artist, Nikol is a devoted mother and knows the importance of taking care of herself both inside and out. Nikol takes care of herself with sport, yoga, balanced eating and takes time for herself in her busy life. When Nikol’s opportunity came to participate in the first edition of Wanderlust in Spain, she took it with enthusiasm, declaring a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a balanced life with others in a unique moment in time.