Find Your True North

Nayeli Dainzú


Nayeli Dainzú is a member of the group of helpers and meditation instructors of the Osho Meditation Center México since 12 years ago.  She has being developed mainly in the active meditation and body work areas. In México has assisted some of the international Osho´s therapists like Prem Dayal, Satyarthi Peloquin, Madita Dickhut, among others.
Her interest in human development, spiritual research and her inquitude for the creation of positive resources and mechanisms that could support the processes of transformation of the individual being, led her to seek be trained and certified in different types of techniques and alternative therapies such as : Master Reiki, Osho Meditation Leader, Laughter Yoga, NLP and Hypnotherapy, Rebalancing and currently as a teacher and teacher coach of the Aeroyoga®,  an international method endorsed by Yoga Alliance (RYS 200) of which she currently leads the training by modules in Mexico (RYT 200).
The focus of her work is to create a reconnection of the individual being with it self, its body, its mind and its relationship with the outside, perceiving its limits and its scope in order to be able to develop its ability to release, flow and relate from a space of relaxation and consciousness.