Natalie Miles


Natalie Miles Born and raised in the U.K., Natalie Milesis a psychic, Spiritual Guide, and mentor whose mission isto support ones spiritual journey by sharing, The Spirit Upgrade. This upgrade connects people with their guides –in other words, cheerleaders in the spiritual realm. Spirit guides help find the answers ones seek, and clear any blocks in the way. Working with guides will heal the past, and help people feel a sense of empowerment. Since connecting with her Spirit Guide at the ageof five, Natalie’s gift was always a backdrop as she moved through life. At the ageof sixteen, she truly beganto develop her skills by attending small groups educating on improving intuition and psychic abilities. It was here where she unlocked her natural gifts working with Spirit to share messages with others. After working for 10 years in the film industry as a producer, she could no longer ignore the calling of her Spirit Guide and began working with Spirit full-time. Natalie has been guided by Spirit to use her gifts to open the door andbe the “upgrade” messenger, illuminating the light onto other people’s life paths. Her goalisto inspire people across the globe to connect with their own Spirit Guides, so they can feel more connected, each and every day, and continue an upgraded soul journey. Natalie does this work through three major sessions: The Soul Upgrade, The Mediumship Upgrade, and The Past Life Upgrade, and either in-person orthrough telephone or via Skype. After all, she says, distance isno barrier for the Spirit! A distance session via Skype or phone works the same asin-person session and the client will receive exactly the same messages from the Spirit. Spirit Guides will bring up exactly what needstobe discussed during that session and her clients are always taken aback that what comes through, is exactly what they needed to hear. Natalie does more than what most psychics and mediums do, she is a form of a life coach as well, where she offers an opportunity for souls to learn and grow.