Find Your True North

Naomi Absalom


“After a successful and fairly wild ten year career in the music industry, an increasing feeling of disconnection to the Self and the surrounding world forced the age old question ‘Is this all it’s cracked up to be?’. Sadly no answer emerged from the sinking sands of Glastonbury so I jumped ship, sold absolutely everything I’d ever worked for and travelled to India to join an ocean of navel gazers.
Although the techniques have changed, my overall aim has remained the same over 14 plus years of teaching – to create a safe yet powerful dynamic where each individual is able to plug into a current of energy and explore what some of this means. Lately I find myself more intrigued by that which lies beyond the well defined lines, by creativity within movement and how that can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves. I am a self confessed magpie – always open to learning, always looking for new inspiration, forever the student drawing upon a diverse background of movement and other practices, a never ending list of influences. I am especially excited by the energy body and the nervous system and my personal practice has revealed just how incredibly powerful this work is. There is always devotional chanting and mantra, always breathwork, always a nod towards the sacred because honestly, ritual is beautiful and it blows the cynicism away.”
Naomi is the founder and creator of ‘Liberate & Elevate’ – one of the first mentorships for yoga teachers to appear in London. She is deeply passionate about community and is proud to mentor some of the UK’s most loved teachers. She currently teaches for the online yoga platform ‘Movement for Modern Life’.

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