Find Your True North



It is a 360-degree brand of 100% Mexican wellness that, with the intention of sharing, inspires and encourages the community to live better. 

NANUYA … “The Origin of Wellbeing” is an idea born of three women practicing Bikram Yoga: Sara, Liliana and Alejandra. Our digital platform is and it is a space for information and connection with the community, which is nourished daily with timely content, articles developed with a fresh and authentic voice, together with specialists working in four areas: NUTRITION, PLEASURE, BE GOOD AND MOVEMENT.
Hand in hand, we created “Experiences Nanuya” workshops and unique experiences developed with a team of teachers and experts, always thinking of exclusive locations designed for each moment. Nature is always the protagonist, as is knowledge and information, these are the elements that frame our experiences. Our goal is to form a community that appreciates coexistence and the pleasure of working as a team. Exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences, exponentiating learning to promote change.