Find Your True North



Imagine being in one place, for one moment fully, completely, and free from distractions. Imagine experiencing it firsthand, connecting deeply with those around you, and reaping the rewards. There is incredible power that comes from being present and Muse is here to help you unleash it.

It’s time to experience a place people seldom go: the here and now.

Muse is a revolutionary brain-sensing headband that can give you accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain while you meditate. It provides motivational challenges and rewards to encourage you to build a regular practice.

We travel around the world, spreading the message that meditation can and should be integrated into your everyday. This year at Wanderlust, you can experience firsthand, our personalized Muse intensive workshops and discover where meditation, neuroscience and technology meet. Come explore the nature of your own mind with us!