Find Your True North

Murray Hidary


Music is at once primal yet aspirational. It satisfies our deepest needs while raising us to our highest sense of self. Composer and pianist Murray Hidary is the creator of Mind Travel. His post-minimalist, improvisational, real-time compositions with the piano and art installations are inspired by mystical traditions and theoretical physics, take the audience on a transporting and expansive journey. It is an exploration in translating music into our daily thoughts, words and actions. To carry forward the lessons of music into our lives. To live with harmony, clarity and rhythm.

Murray studied Music and Composition at New York University. His compositions also include orchestral and ensemble work. He is currently touring Mind Travel as well as scoring a feature documentary. His mentors and influences include Paul Alan Levi, Dorothy Lawson, Ravi Shankar, Keith Jarrett as well as composers Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Terry Riley.