Find Your True North



YogaArte® was established in 2010 by ​​Michela Manuppella and Flaminia Tolomeo with the intent not only of promoting and disseminating Yoga in order to achieve a greater
awareness of oneself, but also of pursuing and enhancing Art, in all its forms, so as to encourage creativity.
YogaArte also conveys a way of looking at life and exepriencing it, a way of considering beauty as a form of expression of both body, language, and one’s self. Because Yoga –
just like Art – is Rhythm, Harmony, Presence, Breath, Creativity.
At the YogaArte Studio, in Rome, we hold a “Yoga Teacher Training Courses”.
MovingYoga is a different approach to Yoga, conceived by founders of YogaArte.
The MovingYoga sequences are Seven (7) and are defined as rhythms.
These seven Rhythms create the most varied combinations of yoga poses, in order to move the whole body, dance with asanas, so as to go deep into the body, mind and
energies inside each of us.
Each Sequence contains both muscular and skeletal work, and consists of a series of asanas, which can be used and modified according to pupil’ skills and features. The 7 different Rhythms alternate and combine, following the needs of the class and/or individual practitioners.