Find Your True North

Mahankirn Kaur



If I try to define me and myself as a Healer and a Yogi and to put it in a single phrase, my phrase will be I AM A GRACEFUL YOGI.

In my path I have had all the help and the qualities to experience who I am. All these blessings took me to this Intuition of compassion to which I have dedicated my life to teach and heal to keep the tradition, healing people and places and buildings for the well being of the humans.

I was born in 1975, with the double sign Gemini or wind that gave me the view-point of the student and the teacher in the same time.

While the hippy movement was confronting my parents, there was a new spiritual teacher arriving from the East. I started to take cold showers and do hours of yoga and meditation at 3 am when I was two years old. My long term study with Yogi Bhajan – his strong and solid way of teaching me self discipline to reach the deepest states of meditation. Then I went to follow a very disciplined line of existence and training and mastered the ancient healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan® and I arrived to be a Yogi and a Healer.

I was helped by the highest masters of the time. All of these experiences and events who appear extraordinary but in my consciousness I try to hold as a normality. It impressed my state of awareness not the memory of ego.

Humbly yours,
Mahankirn Kaur Khalsa

My Classes
Experience the transition of your ordinary mind to your intuitive mind –a place where all healing is possible.

Through the development of the intuitive consciousness, I teach each yoga, meditation or healing class as a radical transformation of the elements that are holding the consciousness in a cage. This cage makes us feel stressed, and our behavior becomes reactive and compulsive. Become aware of your own limitations, break free from the cage and live a soul centered life.

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