Find Your True North

Lucía Liencres


I started practicing yoga in 2014, after a trip to Kenya to my yogi great-aunt’s house where I took my first class and realized how rigid I was. I could not touch my feet and my spine hurt a lot after being many hours in front of the computer every day. I was a lawyer and broker during my first 6 professional years.

Yoga made me understand that what I did with my life did not give me happiness, I needed to get out of my comfort zone and the more I practiced, the closer and more curious I felt about the world of yoga. So I started practicing with no more expectations than to learn and understand this philosophy that I fell in love with. I gave my first classes and I saw the first happy faces of my students and decided to take myself into the adventure of teaching and continuing to learn from my teachers.

Since then I have transmitted to all my community of students and followers the importance of living the present moment, of being as you want, of effort, of constancy, and of all the light that we need in our life we ​​have within us and that we just have to learn the way to get it out and become the best version of ourselves.

I live between Madrid and Tarifa giving classes and workshops, with the dream of someday to set up my own studio in Tarifa and bring all the best teachers from asthanga to give classes and workshops to continue learning from them and teach the whole yogi community in Spain.