Find Your True North

Lori Jacobsen


Lori Jacobsen (aka Glitterhoopz) is a teacher, advocate, coach and performer. Lori blends her passion for holistic wellness with movement arts and her extensive experience as an educator to support special needs children, emerging adults and unique families in the journey from surviving to thriving. Lori is a Master Trainer for HoopYogini™, a powerful and accessible blend of hula hooping, hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation in which all participants learn to create their own flowing hoop dance. Lori is also the Community Director for ‪‬.

Lori’s classes are full of uplifting affirmations, mantras, self care, body positivity and peaceful Meditations.
Lori teaches to all levels, ages, and abilities. Dance, Hula hooping, Flow Arts, Thera-play are rooted in Lori’s teaching and performances. Come experience the joy of metamorphosis with Glitterhoopz.