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Liza Dousson


Liza left the corporate world behind in 1999, following the strong beacon of Yoga in her life...and has never looked back. Yoga led her to India & South East Asia for 7 years of cultural immersion, study & the art of slowing-it-down. She continues to regularly return to those sources intertwining Yoga, Thai Bodywork & Qi Gong. In 2008 she began dedicating her instruction offerings to Yin Yoga, infused with Hatha, Vinyasa & Iyengar roots. Sharing the teachings of this unique, decelerated expression of Yoga in the 21st Century Digital Age has been a passion-fest ever since. Her eBook YIN Yoga: The Art of Deceleration in an Amp'd Up World is available HERE and a new online audio program titled From Roots to Sky: A Sojourn of Yoga, Pranayama & Dharana will be released in early 2018. For more about Liza visit her website.  

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