Find Your True North

Leslie Coutterand


Former actress, Leslie Coutterand is a storyteller and activist.

As an actress, we have seen Leslie as a lead for 3 seasons on the #1 show in France, Julie Lescaut. She a lead in 2 seasons in the show Déjà Vu on France 2 as well. She co-starred with Stanley Tucci and Henry Winkler in the American movie Larry Gaye (2015). She was also the face of various international cosmetic campaigns, such as Nivea and Head & Shoulders.

Having become a oneness and ethics advocate, at 32 Leslie quit her international modeling career and television acting work to focus on a career in directing, speaking, and working on projects that have a positive impact on our society and the environment.

Leslie’s new focus has led to her starting a fundraising campaign to build two schools with BuildOn in Nepal and Haiti, along with actresses Madeline Zima (Californication) and Scottie Thompson (NCIS).

She then directed a mini series for BBC 3 called Miss Holland. The show, set in London, is a comedy that highlights social conditioning and how women are perceived in our daily lives. The series premiered in March 2018.

She is currently working on a documentary, I Love Therefore I Am. Shot in more than 15 countries, the documentary will explore how universal Love and compassion affects our daily choices and therefore impacts our long term economy, ecology, ideology and happiness.

Born in the French alps, Leslie has a deep connection to nature and naturally became an environmental activist.

She’s co-wrote and launched 3 campaigns with and ILIA to support indigenous communities and invite the French bank Société Générale to divest from fossil fuels.

Since 2016, Leslie has given three TEDx Talks in France and the United States.
Her radical life changes and mindfulness practices help provide wisdom on social conditioning, social media impact, critical thinking ideology and our need for Love, compassion and cooperation.