Find Your True North

Kojima Satoko


She is not only a hot topic travel talent but also reporter of a TBS TV show and ambassador of Cuba and Caletavena.

Returned to Japan after completing the Northam Senior High School in Australia. Enter the world of media as a talent and radio personality.

Originally narrated for MTV “Sponge Bob News”, worked as a MC and reporter for major media, and gained popularity at large festivals such as avex and Earth Day.

In 2010, she went around the world by herself. Now, she has visited more tha 90 countries and has a reputation as a travel teacher among such as H.I.S. and Tabijk. Half a year Japan Half a year overseas life became a hot topic and co-starred with Chihara Junior and TV, attracting attention in Japanese media. In January 2017, she became a tourist ambassador for Caletabena, a beautiful cove in Matanzas, Cuba.

A local language hunter who mainly speaks three languages, Japanese, English and Spanish, and absorbs local languages ​​on the road. Currently active as a travel talent, such as travel program reporters and talk shows. Fans are increasing in the sense and lifestyle full of individuality.

Check out her colorful Instagram that gathered the world’s walls from last year!