Kimba Bush


If life is a battlefield art is Kimba’s weapon of choice. Since 1999 he’s been using words to paint pictures that capture hope in the midsts of despair framing life as a journey full of opportunity for greatness. He’s a natural born athlete, & designer who sees sweat as the pleasure of ambition, as well a musician who writes poetry, sings, raps, dances, acts, video directs & is constantly adopting more disciplines to accommodate his creative impulse. His love for life multiplies daily as he embraces opportunities to infuse his community with this joy & desire for life. He’s released two hip hop albums through a boutique French record label, & is currently working on his first book of poetry & accompanying recordings. He’s also recently began an exciting relationship with the Just Breathe London team & is looking forward to supporting their growth. You can connect with him on the following social networking links.