Find Your True North

Kim Anami


Kim Anami is here to infuse more passion into your life and bed. She is a holistic sex + relationship coach, vaginal weight lifter and surfer. Her work is a spiritual synthesis of two decades of Tantra, Taoism, Osho, Transpersonal psychology, philosophy and a host of quantum growth-accelerating practices she uses to propel people into higher stratospheres of connection, intimacy, energy and creativity. Her musings on life and love have graced Playboy, Elle, Oprah Magazine, The Sunday Times (UK), GQ and national talk shows from E! Network to CNN and NPR. She divides her time between Bali and Los Angeles and a host of beaches in between, where she not only lives and surfs, but lift objects with her vagina. You can follow her globetrotting vagina and its adventures on Instagram with the hashtag: #thingsiliftwithmyvagina. She also creates provocative and educational videos on all things intimate on YouTube. \u2028

Everyone ought to be having more sex. And better sex. Even with yourself. Sexual energy is your super fuel. It is a vastly underused resource that you can tap into to boost your physical and emotional vitality, mental clarity and spiritual well-being. Learn how to unleash your genius and supercharge your love life, career and cash flow though harnessing your sexual energy.