Find Your True North

Kelly Horrigan


Kelly Horrigan is a Brooklyn based leather artisan, fashion designer and educator. She earned her BFA in fashion design and has been a professor at Pratt Institute since 2000. Kelly has taught leather craft, jewelry, wall totem workshops, sandal making, sewing, computer-aided design and fashion design courses. Through her company, Kelly Horrigan Handmade, she creates unique leather jewelry, one-of-a-kind accessories and wall totems that are designed and hand crafted utilizing natural and repurposed materials. Kelly’s work has been worn by Janet Jackson, Steven Tyler, Debbie Harry and featured in the pages of the Fader,,, The New York Times and seen on Transparent, The Voice, Here! and Bravo TV. This is her third year vending in the Kula Market and she is thrilled with the opportunity to offer classes to the Wanderlust community!