Find Your True North

Kelley Moffat


Kelley Moffat came to Snowshoe, WV for the summer….four years ago. She wanted an adventure, and accidentally fell in love instead. She was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, moved to Massachusetts when she was 11 years old, then to Arizona, then Virginia and then found herself never wanting to leave the mountains of West Virginia. Kelley is a woman of many talents (or some might say attention deficits) – she is an avid hiker and mountain biker, she teaches yoga and Zumba, she ski patrols in the winter and helps with bike patrol in the summer, she manages the local community garden and is very involved with creating local organic food corridors along with educating people about food, and she is also a server and bartender. Kelley is super excited to share the beauty of Snowshoe with you.