Find Your True North

Katy Kvalvik


Katy Kvalvik has been inspiring women and men all over the world to be empowered, lead their best lives, and achieve optimal, lasting results since 2009. The CEO and Founder of Harmony Method Group, she is a certified integrative executive coach, board certified health counselor, certified yoga instructor, and business mentor. Katy is a leading gut health and integrative lifestyle expert. She is the founder of the Harmony Method, a renowned integrative leadership and total lifestyle system, and Freedom to Thrive, an organization devoted to teaching students the basic life, health, and financial skills they need to thrive in the real world. While she now works with executives, leaders, and creatives to help transform and inspire them to create a positive impact, greater consciousness in their organizations, and achieve optimal business results, she previously was a leader in the medical device industry. Katy is very aware of the challenges today’s executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators face, which is why she now has dedicated herself to helping and inspiring leaders all over the world to develop strategies for success and achieve optimal results. To learn more about Katy please check out her website at and to learn more about the Harmony Method Group please check out their website at