Find Your True North

Katy Graczer


Katy is a Londoner loving life down-under and has spent the last 20 years becoming a familiar face in the Sydney Yoga community. Katy is infectious – her ability to translate Eastern philosophy to the Western world is both unique and accessible. Being the ultimate urban yogi, Katy blends her versatile style with traditional technique – learning (and loving) the fundamentals of connecting breath with movement.

As a spiritual explorer, Katy remains forever curious to the lineages of yoga and travels the world sampling studios and teacher trainings to deepen her knowledge. In her love for a playful practice – she became a qualified Acrovinyasa teacher, partner and met her partner. This dynamic duo now host private retreats and travel the country as yoga and breathwork facilitators, teaching how the breath is our most hidden power to health and happiness.

Katy credits her knowledge and love of the practice to Mick Barnes (Jivamukti), acro-influencers Claudine and Honza Lafond (Acrovinyasa) and Gwyn Williams (Zen Thai Shiatsu).

You will likely find Katy drinking tea, playing with her two boys and advocating that the secret to a happy life…is an 8pm bedtime.
When asked why yoga?, she says “I will probably never know the answer to why but I’m on a journey that has so far, delivered a better life and I want to share that with others”

When asking her students, why Katy? they say, “you will never meet anyone quite like her!’.