Find Your True North

Katie Burke


AMB Logo 2013_SmallKatie B’s passion for life goes beyond the mat as she helps people thrive by applying the principles of Yoga to the lives of her students. In the same way an artist will paint, a fashion designer make a dress, an architect erects buildings, Katie creates something intangible: transformation. She does this by constantly helping others answer the question of what makes us thrive and how we can live completely alive in every moment. Her passion for large positive impacts started with her degree in International Security and Conflict Resolution where she worked in nonprofits in China, Peru, India and beyond. “My whole life I always thought making an impact had to be on a global scale. My world view changed when I realized the monumental shift that happens on a personal level. There’s magic in the connection of helping people own their power.” Her yoga mat became the magic carpet to change the world. Years of certifications including Vinyasa 200hr CorePower Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Yoga Pilates, Kids Yoga, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and over 3000 hours of live teaching has created a global impact above anything she could have imagined. She created the #b_inspired initiative where she disperses positive inspirational messaging, evoking action on her social media outlets, during her classes, and with personal clients. She challenges her followers to answer bigger questions such as what gratitude means in daily life or how giving can change lives? Katie teaches classes currently in San Diego full time. She runs 3 teacher trainings annually, “Awaken Your Spirit” retreats in California, India, Mexico, Colombia, and life changing fitness programs monthly. She not only teaches hundreds of yogis a week in San Diego, but she also puts her “Monday Mantra” out every week so her students all around the world can join into the greater conversation. Join the greater conversation, follow @katiebhappyy