Find Your True North

Kathleen Engelhardt


yogo_blackKeylineWith each chapter of life, Kathleen’s practice has evolved and transformed to support her life. From the post-college-disciplinary days of ashtanga to restful, gentle prenatal practices to simply closing eyes and placing hands to heart in gratitude, yoga continues to enrich Kathleen’s well-being. The adaptability of yoga–namely, the sweet and continuous dialogue between life and practice–sculpts Kathleen’s explorations on the mat and her unique teaching style. Kathleen’s classes emphasize observation, attention to detail, feeling, curiosity and playfulness to discover and nurture connections within the physical and energetic bodies. Kathleen believes that the asanas are the details within an enormously expansive bigger picture. Yet when broken down into the sum of their parts and examined from every angle, asanas offer us insight into our personal processes, our deeply ingrained habits and can ultimately pave the path toward personal growth. Kathleen is co-founder of Love in Motion Yoga in Buffalo, New York and a proud ambassador for Lululemon Athletica. Beyond yoga, Kathleen is currently a student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at D’youville College, mama to her two little kids and an avid student of any and all movement.